Hearkening Back to Simpler Times

This week I’ve been playing with some writing toys. I don’t think anything will tempt me away from Evernote, Pages, Book Creator and Scrivener as my main tools of choice, but I do often use other apps for the odd writing task here and there and the evidence is that students do too.  Notability, Drafts, Notes and Textilus all have their adherents at ACS, and I have found that I visit the little folder that sits next to Evernote on my home screen and that is simply titled “All Other Notes” is one of the most visited folders on my iPad. For the record, it contains Plain Text, Penultimate, PaperPort, Bamboo Paper, Moleskin, Noteshelf, Annotate+, neu.Annotate, neu.Notes+ and mental Note as well as the four listed above – and, yes, I do use all of them although, admittedly I do a lot of writing.

None of these can match for sheer fun Hanx Writer, however. I don’t necessarily think Hanx Writer was designed for anything serious, and it would probably drive me mad to have to write a serious paper on it, but it has been a delightful experience using this typewriter emulation app this afternoon while typing up notes, making lists, composing letters and otherwise wiling away a few hours catching up on what I assumed would be mundane writing tasks.

Hanx Writer comes from Hitcents.com, Inc and via them from Tom Hanks, the American film actor and producer.  It really does nothing more than simulate the sound and look (sort of) of an old fashioned typewriter, but that’s enough for me – especially considering it’s free.  There is a suite of additional functionalities that you can buy for an extra £2.99, but most will probably be happy with the one style of typewriter and the black ink.  The in-app purchase option gives you a choice of red and blue ribbons in addition to the black and two further styles of typewriter with associated noises and typefaces. You can also change the colour of the back ground. It’s a fun app and it’s only fair to leave the last word to Hanx Writer itself!

Hanx Writer