Happy New Year – and a Christmas joke that didn’t quite go to plan…

It’s New Year’s Eve and I was just preparing to close the laptop and get ready for the party when a message pinged into my inbox telling me visitors to this blog have increased by 55% this year.  There are thousands of visits – and I think I can assume that’s not just my mother clicking multiple times!  Seriously, many thanks for the support and for the comments I’ve received from you via WordPress, Twitter and Facebook.  Those of us exploring the roles of iPads in K-12 education rely on the wisdom of each other to gain insights and make progress. I appreciate learning from all of you reading this blog.

It being Christmas my wife and I took the children to a slightly earlier service on Christmas Eve than we were used to attending in our days before kids.  It was fun with plenty of carols, mince pies and mulled wine mixed in with the more serious messages this time of year brings.  At one point the vicar asked the children in the congregation what they thought the best Christmas present was. He was preparing to tell that old joke about it being a broken drum (because you can’t beat it – yes, I know!)  It didn’t quite go as planned.  The first response from the crowd of under-tens was “an iPad”.

When he replied that he was thinking of something even better than an iPad another child offered “Two iPads?”

Happy New Year.  May the best of 2013 be your worst of 2014. And thanks for reading!